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Padanarum Road

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Bolton Landing, NY (Warren County)

It was a cool April day when I first discovered this stately dirt road sandwiched between Brant Lake and Lake George. I wondered at its strange name and enjoyed the varied terrain it traversed. A long, steep climb from Route 8 in Brant Lake is needed to reach the western end of Padanarum Road which quickly devolves into a seasonal road, more like double track in places. When riding west to east, there are some exhilerating minor descents which are somewhat technical because of larger rocks and loose gravel.

The road splits in several places, creating a three-spoked network (complete with several "Padanarum Spurs"). One section links up with Wardsboro Road. This abandoned road once connected Bolton and Hague, but it's more of a trail now.

The middle "prong" of Padanarum Road becomes broader and better-maintained as it passes by Amy's Park (a nature preserve with several trailheads). While smoother to ride on, this section still has a distinctly Adirondack feel to it as it slithers around large rock formations and past thick stands of trees. Even on cloudy cool days (all the days I've ridden here have been cloudy and cool), I seem to get some sun here. One day I pulled over into a beam of sunlight, laid my bike among the moss and grass, and enjoyed a snack in the relative warmth.

Vital stats:

6.5 mi +625 ft / -413 ft

Look for: A lonely moose, a cemetery

Nearby dirt: East Schroon River Road, Wardsboro Road, Al Bean Road

Surface: Loose dirt and gravel, double track with some larger rocks, packed dirt

Bike: Gravel bike or mountain bike (the latter is more fun if doing the rougher northern section downhill from west to east)


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